Wholesale Olive Oil

Wholesale Olive Oil Available from Gourmet Factory

If you’re searching for a wholesale olive oil supplier, Gourmet Factory can provide everything you need. We offer extra virgin, 100% pure, and blended olive oil under a number of our brands including Porto, Kivotros, and Lakonia. Available in container sizes ranging from 16 oz. to 128 oz. as well as in totes and tankers for bulk distribution, you’ll always be able to choose the perfect option for your business. For more than four decades, we’ve been a reliable partner in the foodservice industry, ensuring companies have a ready stock of premium foodstuffs to meet their customers’ demands. Our extensive knowledge and experience in global markets allows us to source our wholesale olive oil from around the world in order to select products that are at peak flavor. We then supervise overseas shipping to ensure our imports are handled properly and are transported in complete compliance with all safety and quality control requirements. 

As a supplier of wholesale olive oil, we know our customers have many options when it comes to choosing a company with which to partner. That’s why Gourmet Factory is committed to providing the highest quality products and best customer service. Our dedicated and knowledgeable customer care department will answer any questions you may have and promptly address any issues concerning your order. 

In addition to olive oils, we can also provide a variety of specialty food items including:

  • Corn, vegetable, and canola oil
  • Minced or chopped garlic
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Calamata (purple) and black olives,
  • Queen and Manzanilla green olives either pitted or stuffed with pimento
  • Lemon juice
  • Grape leaves stuffed with rice
  • And more

No matter what your wholesale olive oil needs may be, Gourmet Factory is the company to turn to in the trade provide the healthy, delectable products your customers are craving. We can also package any of our olive oils with your own private label, so you’ll be able market your business as an exclusive provider of these exceptional food products. 

Wholesale Olive Oil