USDA Olive Oil

Gourmet Factory’s USDA Quality Monitored Olive Oil Stands Apart in a Crowd

To earn the USDA Quality Monitoring Program (QMP) seal from the USDA, olive oil must pass a series of assessments in order to verify its purity and authenticity. In fact, it’s such an exacting process few olive oil companies in the United States participate in the voluntary program. At Gourmet Factory, we do both, our extra virgin and 100 % pure olive oil bears the USDA QMP seal, so you can always be confident in the integrity of our olive oil products. Since our founding in 1969, we’ve worked tirelessly to provide our customers with the highest quality Mediterranean-inspired foods. By sourcing our olive oils from around the world, we are able to ensure our oils are high quality and highly flavorful. We think that’s a great start, but even a great-tasting product can have subtle flaws that go undetected by most consumers, which is why we’re so proud to have the USDA QMP seal on two of our olive oils.

To get qualified to use the USDA seal, the USDA inspectors:

  • Make four unannounced visits to our facility in order to collect random samples from our product lines
  • Test our olive oils for quality and purity using criteria based upon both national and international standards

Once qualified into the USDA Quality Monitoring Program:

  • USDA continues to review and evaluate our production processes, quality assurance measures, recordkeeping systems and make unscheduled visits for samples.

For an olive oil to earn a USDA Quality Monitoring Program seal, it must be authentic, pure, and of the highest quality. We’ve always known that about our products and now the proof is stamped across every bottle and tin of extra virgin and 100% pure olive oil Gourmet Factory sells.