Stuffed Olives

About Our Stuffed Olives

Few culinary combinations are as iconic as green olives stuffed with pimientos. Made famous during the 1960s as a garnish for martinis, a jar of pimiento-stuffed green olives is still a must-have staple in every cocktail bar in America. Despite their popularity, however, stuffed olives remain a bit of a mystery for many consumers who would be hard-pressed to define a pimiento as anything other than the “reddish-orange thing” in the center of the olive. In fact, pimientos are actually a very mild variety of pepper called “cherry peppers.” As the name suggests, their delicate fruitiness perfectly complements the saltier flavor of the olive, creating a taste profile that’s a subtle balance of sweet and savory.

At Gourmet Factory, we proudly offer our Porto brand of pimiento stuffed green olives in both Queens and Manzanilla varieties, which are large and small in size, respectively. We source our olives from around the world, making sure they’re picked, packed, and shipped at peak season to ensure their freshness. We never settle for anything other than superior ingredients in any of our oils and specialty items, so you can be confident in the quality of our products. Ideal for garnishes, recipes, or simply snacking on by themselves, our stuffed olives are great:

  • Sliced over a savory tuna salad
  • Baked into a hearty picadillo
  • Mixed with hummus for an extra dose of Mediterranean pizzazz
  • Battered and deep-fried for a comfort food like no other
  • Rolled in cream cheese and covered with finely-chopped walnuts

The uses of our stuffed green olives go far beyond adding a bit of color to the bottom of a martini glass. Our passion for excellence and authenticity can be tasted in every jar, bottle, and tin we package, so there’ll be no limits to what we can accomplish together. With a product from Gourmet Factory on your kitchen shelf, a bit of Mediterranean-style inspiration will always be within reach.        

Stuffed Olives