Pure Olive Oil

About Our Pure Olive Oil

Pure olive oil is produced by using heat to extract a refined oil from olives, and this oil is then blended with virgin olive oil, or oil that was produced through cold pressing, to create a delicious olive oil blend. It tends to be lighter in flavor, making it a preferable choice for baking, cooking, and frying.

Gourmet Factory, originally started by Greek immigrants Aristidis and Andromahi Kangadis in 1969, is proud to carry on the tradition of providing the Mediterranean-inspired foods that make exceptionally delicious meals, and our pure olive oil is no exception. We are still owned and operated by the Kangadis family to this day, and understand that in today’s market consumers are concerned they are not receiving the high-quality oil for which they are paying.   

That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure our olive oil meets high standards before it ever reaches our customer’s hands by:

  • Sourcing our olive oils from throughout the world in order to bring our customers the most delicious and texturally pleasing product possible
  • Placing a heavy focus on food safety, and carefully overseeing the packaging and shipping of our products from our international suppliers, in addition to maintaining strict food safety standards in our own facility
  • Working with third-party testing laboratories to confirm the integrity, taste, texture, and chemical makeup of our pure olive oil

Through our rigid packaging standards and testing, we truly know our product inside and out. We confidently stand behind the quality of our pure olive oil sold under the Capatriti brand so our customers can feel confident they are using a genuine product when they use Capatriti pure olive oil in their dishes.  

Pure Olive Oil