Private Label Olive Oil

Private Label Olive Oil from Gourmet Factory

When you partner with Gourmet Factory to provide private label olive oil for your restaurant, retail store, or other business, you’ll be able to promote your company and nurture customer loyalty by providing an exclusive, premium product your customers will love. We offer a wide variety of containers and labeling options so you’ll always be able to tailor your packaging to perfectly suit your storage needs and match the aesthetics of your business’ promotional materials. Of course, it’s what’s inside the packaging that matters most, and with Gourmet Factory you’ll always be delighted with our olive oils. Our extensive knowledge of global markets allows us to source specialty foods from around the world in order to select the best products at the absolute peak of flavor.

We understand how vitally important quality is when a product has your name on it, and with Gourmet Factory supplying your olive oil, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing you’re offering your customers ingredients that are pure and authentic. Our quality control measures are among the most exacting in the industry. Not only do we select our products from the best sources, we also:

  • Employ third-party laboratories to routinely test samples of our olive oils before import in order to verify they are of the highest integrity
  • Oversee shipping from our vendors abroad to ensure all food safety procedures are followed to the letter
  • Package our olive oils at our state-of-the-art facility here in the United States under the most rigorous processing standards 

Gourmet Factory also offers a variety of private label edible oils and olives, so your customers will be able to reach for a number of quality foodstuffs baring your business’s name.   

The public’s appetite for olive-based products has steadily increased over the years, and our brands cater to that hunger. Don’t miss the opportunity to associate your company with these healthy and delicious foods. Contact Gourmet Factory today if you’re ready to offer private label olive oil at your business.

Private Label Olive Oil