About Gourmet Factory's Olives

No food is more associated with Mediterranean dishes than plump and flavorful olives, which is why Gourmet Factory is proud to provide some of the finest, most delicious olives available. With their buttery texture and salty, tangy flavor, olives are the perfect finishing touch to a fresh Greek salad, an authentic Italian pasta dish, atop a bubbling cheesy pizza, and in a host of other dishes. Olives are so savory and satisfying, they even make a delicious snack by themselves. 

Gourmet Factory’s passion for and knowledge of all things olive-related is evident in our delectable, fresh-tasting products. Since the Kangadis family founded our company in 1969, we have always sought out the best quality specialty food products for our customers. We source fine olives from all over the world to ensure our customers receive olives that were picked at just the right time. Gourmet Factory sells jarred and canned olives under the Porto brand in #10 cans, as well as in jugs and pails for foodservice distributors. 


Calamata olives are commonly referred to as Greek olives. Their distinct deep purple color and almond shape, along with their rich, fruity flavor make Calamata olives a favorite for use in Mediterranean dishes. Often you will find the Calamata olive slit down the middle. This is done so that the brine can absorb into the olive meat to bring out the most flavor. Gourmet Factory sells pitted, canned Calamata olives in varying sizes.


Green olives are picked just prior to becoming ripe to capture the firm, dense texture and slightly bitter taste that makes them so appealing. With so many types available, there’s an option that will suit almost anyone’s taste. Manzanilla olives, which are small and oval shaped, are the most well-known of the Spanish green varieties. Spanish Queen olives are large and full with a dense texture. Gourmet Factory offers a variety of pitted, canned green olives, both plain and stuffed with pimento.


Black olives remain on the tree until fully ripe so they can develop a soft texture and plump body after curing. Black olives’ mild, slightly salty flavor makes them irresistible to many olive lovers and a perfect addition to many recipes. They come in a wide range of sizes, from small black olives that are great for salads to colossal ones that are just right for snacking. Gourmet Factory offers pitted, canned whole black olives in various sizes, as well as sliced options.