About Us

Building a food legacy together ...

Aristidis and Andromahi Kangadis met and married in their home country of Greece in 1965. Wanting to make the best life possible, Aris and Mahi, together with their young son Themis, emigrated from Greece to New York in search of opportunity. Soon a second son, Dennis, was born. An electrician by trade, Aris found himself out of work. Realizing that people would always need to eat, no matter the economic climate, Aris and Mahi started on the path to their food legacy.

Aris and Mahi purchased an Italian deli in Astoria, Queens, New York and renamed it Panellinion Deli. Building on the deli’s success with traditional cheeses and meats, the Kangadises added more Mediterranean foods and roasted their own coffee, which made their deli even more popular. Their success led to the opening of a second deli. Side by side, the Kangadises operated the two delis, working seven days a week without a vacation, their sons often in tow. Eventually, they took steps to more closely control their business and their inventory by bypassing the “middle man” distributors and importing their products directly from their source.

Kangadis Foods was formed to accommodate the growing number of restaurants that were buying goods directly from the Kangadis family business. Aris personally handled the deliveries as Mahi handled the back office administration. To manage the increasing distribution demands and larger produce selection, the Kangadises rented a 3,000 square foot warehouse. By the close of the 1980s, Aris and Mahi sold the delis to focus on their import distribution business.

In 1995, The Kangadis Family began packing olive oil using a 1,500 gallon holding tank and, as the years went by, they would increase their output exponentially.


After over 30 years of working together, Aris and Mahi decided it was time to begin turning their business over to their sons. Themis and Dennis Kangadis began to take a leadership role within Kangadis Foods in 2000 and today they manage the daily operations. As the company’s distribution and olive oil manufacturing business continued to grow and flourish, Kangadis Foods became known as Gourmet Factory.

Today, Gourmet Factory resides in Hauppauge, New York in a 100,000 square foot building that can hold over 200,000 gallons of olive oil.