Lemon Juice

Use Gourmet Factory’s Lemon Juice to Add Brightness and Zest to Your Recipes

emon juice is a versatile and delicious ingredient, but because its flavor is so distinguishable you’ll want to be sure to use the highest quality juice available. That’s why Gourmet Factory’s lemon juice is so often used in the foodservice industry as well as in homes across the country.

Just some examples of the numerous ways lemon juice can be used include dishes such as:

  • Lemon bars, lemon pound cake, and other desserts
  • Finishing sauces and marinades for fish, chicken, and pork
  • Drinks such as lemonades and iced teas
  • Pasta sauces such as scampi or lemon cream

Lemon juice is also delightful blended with olive oil. Mixing two tablespoons of lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and then drinking it is considered by many to be a cleansing drink that removes toxins from the body. Lemon juice and olive oil can also be mixed with herbs and garlic for a light, refreshing salad dressing or as a marinade for chicken or fish.

Fortunately for our consumers, not only can they enjoy Gourmet Factory’s fine lemon juice, but they can also combine it with our Capatriti brand of flavorful, authentic extra virgin olive oil, or 100 percent pure olive oil, both olive oils have earned the USDA Quality Monitoring Program seal assuring that they are genuine products of the highest quality. Whenever you see a product packaged in one of Gourmet Factory’s brands, including our Lemon Time lemon juice, you can be sure we stand behind the product within. 

Lemon Juice