Capatriti Pure Olive Oil

An Olive Oil Ideal for Many Applications

Capatriti 100 percent pure olive oil from Gourmet Factory has a delectable, mild flavor that brings out the true flavor of your food. We source our olives from around the world, from whichever market is most ideal during each season for obtaining the best-quality olives and olive oils, ensuring our customers receive an optimal product year round. No matter where our products originate, we closely monitor their transport to ensure they meet our high standards before we even create the final product in our facility here in the United States.

Our pure olive oil is also a healthy way in which to sauté, bake, and grill your favorite dishes, because it is kosher-certified and completely free of:

  • Trans fats
  • Gluten
  • Cholesterol
  • Sugar
  • Sodium

What’s more, our 100 percent pure olive oil is the only pure olive oil brand in the country to have earned the USDA Quality Monitoring Program (QMP) Seal. This seal assures consumers that our product has undergone testing to verify the authenticity of the product, and the USDA continues to conduct unannounced visits to our facility to monitor chemical composition. Gourmet Factory also participates in third-party testing in laboratories associated with the International Olive Council so that we can independently verify the quality of our product.

Our stringent commitment to sourcing, packaging, and distributing only the finest genuine olive oil is why we are proud to say that Capatriti 100 percent pure olive oil is authentic from the grove to your table. 

Capatriti Pure Olive Oil