Capatriti Olive Oil

Authentic and Flavorful Oils

Capatriti olive oil is a delicious, healthy product from Gourmet Factory. We are a family-owned company that cares about bringing quality olive oil to your family. We proudly provide two types of olive oil for a variety of cooking needs: extra virgin olive oil and 100 percent pure olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil has a full-bodied flavor that is excellent in dressings, marinades, and dips. 100 percent pure olive oil has a mild flavor that lets the taste of your other ingredients shine, making it perfect for sautéing, baking, and grilling. Both types of Capatriti olive oil are made from olives that are sourced from throughout the world, and we closely oversee the packaging and distribution of the olives in order to ensure a top-quality product.

At Gourmet Factory, we understand that consumers are concerned with getting an authentic olive oil, but may not know how to tell what the real deal is among the many choices on grocery store shelves. This is why we are proud that both kinds of Capatriti olive oil carry the USDA Quality Monitoring Program (QMP) seal. The steps that were taken to obtain this verification of authenticity are:

  • The USDA assessed Gourmet Factory manufacturing procedures and tested our extra virgin and 100 percent pure olive oils during four separate unannounced inspections
  • After careful review, the USDA found our facility, our olive oils, and their labels qualified for the USDA QMP seal
  • Following the awarding of the seal, the USDA continues ongoing, unannounced visits with  analysis to ensure that our olive oils continue to comply with their high quality standards

Gourmet Factory believes in providing simply perfect olive oil. That’s why our Capatriti olive oil varieties can be relied on for authenticity from the grove to your table.

Capatriti Olive Oil