Capatriti 100% Pure Olive Oil

Capatriti 100% Pure Olive Oil Brings a Rich Flavor to Your Dishes

Gourmet Factory’s Capatriti brand of 100% pure olive oil is a flavorful and authentic oil created by filtering the juice from freshly pressed olives. Pure olive oil has a smooth taste and delightful texture, making it very versatile and perfect for use in a wide variety of recipes, whether for cooking or baking.

Our 100% pure olive oil can be relied on to provide the flavor and texture even the most discriminating palate would expect from an exceptional olive oil. That’s because Capatriti Pure Olive Oil:

  • Carries the USDA Quality Monitoring Program seal, meaning this government agency performs random inspections of our facility and testing of our product to ensure its authenticity
  • Is sourced from around the world, depending on where the olive oil market is ideal at the time
  • Is tested in small sample batches first, so that we can be sure we are importing a quality product  

What’s more, Gourmet Factory works with third party testing laboratories to confirm the taste, texture, and chemical composition of our oils, so we know our products inside and out. Our high standards and passion for olive oil and all foods Mediterranean originates with the Kangadis family, Greek immigrants who founded Gourmet Factory in 1969. Today, a second generation of the same family carries on the tradition. If you are looking for a fine, 100% pure olive oil for your home or restaurant, turn to the company that has known what olive oil is supposed to taste like for decades – Gourmet Factory. 

Capatriti 100% Pure Olive Oil