Bulk Olive Oil

Gourmet Factory Can Sell Premium Olive Oil in Bulk to Your Business

The olive oil Gourmet Factory sells in bulk to foodservice companies is the same quality product we sell directly under our various labels. Delicious, healthful, and sourced from around the world, our olive oil is the perfect ingredient for you and your customers’ culinary needs. Our extra virgin and 100% pure olive oil can be purchased in either tote or tanker sizes, as well as in individual containers ranging in volume from 16 oz. to 128 oz. Whether you’re a retailer, food processor, or distributor, Gourmet Factory can keep you well stocked and fully prepared to meet the demands of your trade.

A few of the benefits of purchasing bulk olive oil from Gourmet Factory include:

  • Locked in prices – Since olive oil is a commodity market, prices fluctuate on a daily basis. When you buy in bulk, you’ll not only get the best cost per unit for our premium oils, you’ll be able to avoid any short-term price increases caused by market volatility.  
  • Reduced shipping costs – Having to be frequently resupplied with olive oil requires more deliveries or trips to suppliers. Wear and tear on vehicles, gas consumption, or shipping and handling costs can all take a bite out of your company’s budget. Buying olive oil in bulk lowers the number of deliveries, thus reducing transportation expenses. 
  • Minimizing waste – Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental repercussions of single-use containers, and more and more wholesale food stores are attempting to address those apprehensions by encouraging customers to bring in their own olive oil bottles to fill. When you buy in bulk, your customers will be able to purchase olive oil in quantities that are perfect for their needs.

If your business is using 40 or more gallons of olive oil a month, purchasing it in bulk is an option worth exploring. Contact Gourmet Factory today to learn more about the products and services we provide in our trade. When it comes to olive oil, we’re ready to meet all your foodservice needs.        

Bulk Olive Oil