Blended Oils

Blended Oils That Will Satisfy all Your Culinary Needs

Gourmet Factory offers a variety of blended oils that are the perfect mix of our flavorful, extra virgin olive oil and either canola or vegetable oil. By artfully combining these two ingredients, we’ve created cooking oils that are versatile enough to satisfy all your culinary needs. Because our blended oils have a high smoke point, you’ll be able to use them for pan frying, grilling, or sautéing, as well as creating marinades and dressings that will enhance the flavor of any meal. Whatever fabulous meal you’re preparing, you’ll never go wrong by incorporating any of our quality blended oils into your recipe. 

At Gourmet Factory, our number-one priority has always been to provide the finest products available in the market. That’s why the oversights we take during the production process are among the most stringent in the industry. You can rest assured that our blended oils:

  • Are made from oils sourced throughout the world to ensure only the best products at peak season go into our bottles and tins
  • Have been produced under strict supervision in order to maintain exacting food safety standards, not only at our facility here in the United States, but at every step of the supply  process
  • Are routinely tested by third-party laboratories to verify that the quality of the extra virgin olive oil used in our blended oils is of the very highest quality             

Since our founding in 1969 by Greek immigrants, we’ve taken a tremendous amount of pride in all of our delicious cooking oils, and we like to think something of that pride can be tasted in every dish prepared with one of our quality products. If you’re ready to savor a Mediterranean-inspired meal you’ll relish from first bite to last, Gourmet Factory will serve you right.     

Blended Oils