Black Olives

About our Black Olives

Black olives are left to ripen on the tree before being picked, as opposed to green olives which are picked before ripening. This gives them a more mild taste, and because they do not require as much brining as the unripened green variety do, black olives tend to be less salty. Their rich flavor is excellent for salads, pizza, pasta, dips, and a wide variety of other dishes. Olives contain beneficial monounsaturated fats, and are also high in vitamin E, fiber, and antioxidants, making them a healthy way to add flavor to meals.

At Gourmet Factory is committed to bringing our customers the finest quality black olives, and we proudly:  

  • Source our olives from throughout the world to bring our customers the most delectable olives that were harvested at just the right time for the perfect ripeness
  • Import our olives directly, either prepackaged or ready for us to package ourselves
  • Offer pitted whole olives or sliced olives in various sized cans for foodservice distributors

In addition to black olives, Gourmet Factory also offers an assortment of other Mediterranean-inspired foods for foodservice and retail purposes, including green olives, Calamata olives, 100 percent pure olive oil, and extra virgin olive oil that has earned the USDA Quality Monitoring Program seal. Since our company was founded in 1969 by the Kangadis family – who still owns and operates it to this day – we have lived and breathed the motto “for the love of oil, olives, and all food Mediterranean.” We take great pride in our products, because we know that quality ingredients are what truly make a dish worth serving. 

Black Olives