Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar from Gourmet Factory Can Add the Perfect Touch to Your Mediterranean-inspired Meal

It may not come as a surprise to some that balsamic vinegar shares many similarities to fine wines. After all, they’re both made from grapes; they’re both fermented in wooden barrels; and like wine, the flavor of balsamic vinegar intensifies over time. Of course, you wouldn’t want to sip a glass of vinegar while socializing with friends, but this tasty, tangy, low-calorie condiment is far more versatile than a glass of cabernet sauvignon.

At Gourmet Factory, we offer premium balsamic vinegar under our Capatriti label. Sweet and fruity but with a counterbalance of mellow tartness and a dark, wine-like consistency, this product can add Mediterranean zip to a wide variety of meals and snacks. Sprinkle over fruits and cheeses, stir into soups, or blend with an equal amount of our extra virgin olive oil to create a healthy and delicious vinaigrette. But the versatility of our product doesn’t end there. You can also use balsamic vinegar:

  • For marinating meats and tofu
  • To add a touch of sweetness in chicken and vegetable braises
  • Reduced to a syrup and drizzled over ice cream
  • As a flavoring for a fizzy drink (purée with strawberries and add to seltzer or club soda)
  • To decorate plates prior to serving

Gourmet Factory was founded by Greek immigrants who wanted to bring the very best of their homeland’s healthy and flavorful cuisine to America. Aristidis and Andromahi Kangadis’ love of Mediterranean foods is still apparent today in every product we offer. From our balsamic vinegar to our edible oils, our stuffed olives to our stuffed vine leaves, you’ll always have the most flavorful ingredients to incorporate into your culinary creations. When you turn to Gourmet Factory, your craving for excellence will always be satisfied.   

Balsamic Vinegar